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Bespoke Custom Suits

di lorenzo custom suits

Custom & Tailored To You

  • Italian Made Custom Suits for Men & Women

    A handmade suit ensures the most carefully selected materials from the world’s leading fabric distributors. The feel, the cut, the colors & vibrancy makes the man wearing a bespoke custom suit feel more alive than ever – as he should be for the signature moments in his life. A handmade suit that fills you with confidence, that helps you find your flow, that never leaves you wondering if you measure up.

  • Custom Single & Double Breasted Suits
  • Custom Three Piece Suits
  • Custom Coats, Vests, & Dress Shirts
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Endless Custom Fabric Collections Dallas TX Di Lorenzo Custom Suits & Apparel
  • Handcrafted by a 3rd generation Italian tailoring shop

    Our custom suits are created by a three-generation tailoring shop in New York. At our Dallas, TX showroom, we use only the richest Italian and English fabrics. Each bespoke suit is created by hand by the best tailors in the business! Our shirts are made by one of the best shirt makers in the USA with incredible fabrics, craftmanship and prices.

    Our consultant, Dominic Ricciardi, will bring your dream wardrobe to life. For over two decades, Dominic has been advising men and women on how to look their best for any occasion.

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Custom Wedding Suits & Tuxedos

Di Lorenzo custom suits

Custom & Tailored To You

  • Tailored, Custom Wedding Suits & Tuxedos

    Looking for a truly unique wedding suit or tuxedo? At our Dallas showroom, we can customize any aspect of your suit or tuxedo to make it one-of-a-kind.

  • Fully Custom for your Special Day

    Custom Wedding Suits
    Custom Tuxedos

    From the lining to the lapels, no detail is too small. We can even incorporate pictures of you and your fiancé into the lining! Come see us today and let us help you create a suit or tuxedo that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Make Your Next Wedding a Memory of a Lifetime

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Bespoke Custom Shirts

Di Lorenzo custom suits

Custom & Tailored To You

  • Bespoke Custom Shirts Dallas

    Bespoke custom shirts are the ultimate one-of-a-kind garments that will make you feel distinct, empowered, and perfectly dressed for the occasion. We offer all customizations you could think of.

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Styling Session

with Di Lorenzo

Your exclusive experience begins with a one-on-one styling session with our wardrobe consultant, Dominic, who will walk you through every step of your custom suit’s creations.

Dominic will assist you in finding the best way to personalize every fundamental detail of your custom suit, from style and personal requirements to fabric selection and endless customizations.

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